Hermosa Beach, CA, 22 to 23 November

Friday 22 November

4:00–5:30 Spondylolisthesis workshop

Saturday 23 November

11-1              Neck and Shoulders Workshop

2:30-4:30- Pre and Postnatal Pilates Workshop

Contact Alisa Wyatt at alisa@pilatesology.com for registration and more info’

Anatomy course, Sanctuary for Yoga, Nashville, TN, 13 to 15 December 2019

Anatomy of the Spine and Pelvis                        2pm to 4pm     Friday 12/13 

Anatomy of the Hip, Knee and Foot                  8am to 10am   Saturday  12/14

Anatomy of the Neck and Shoulder Girdle      2pm to 4pm     Saturday 12/14

Anatomy of the Elbow, Wrist  and Hand          8am to 10am   Sunday 12/15

Registration and info’: Contact sonjekm@gmail.com for registration   (8 PMA CEC’s $240)



Coming in 2020

Tel Aviv, Israel: 2 to 7 February at Orly Oren Pilates


2.2 3.2 4.2 5.2 Haifa 6.2 7.2
Private       Private




MAT or Private


    MAT CLASS Private


Mat with Magic Circle
The Value of the Baby/Arm Chair   2 hours Scoliosis 6 hours Pre-and postnatal Pilates    3 hours


Refine and Refresh your Mat

2 hours


Cleaning up your reformer  

3 hours

Bring on the Barrels  3 hours




  Focus on Neck and shoulders

2 hours

discussing the ideal technique and how to modify for an “extension” class as indicated for herniated disc, osteoporosis and Scoliosis.

2 hours

  Challenge Your Student on the Wunder Stuhl   2 hours







contact Orly Oren at pilatesorly@gmail.com for registration and info’


21 to 23 February,  Fort Worth, TX,   contact Laura Strawser at laura@fortworthclassicalpilates.com



March 13 to 15,  OLD SCHOOL PILATES AT THE RANCH with Kathi Ross Nash, Sonje Mayo and Brooke Siler in Bradenton, FL


Brooke Siler, Sonje Mayo and Kathryn Ross- Nash Join to Create 3 Days of Workouts, Entertainment and Fun! Time for more Sweat Education tm! 6 Hours of Semi Private Lessons (5 Students per Group) 6 Hours of Non-Stop Group Lessons (15 People) No Breaks- Just sweat, Fun and Entertainment! Cut the time wasted sitting around and enjoy sunny Florida!  This event is fully booked. Contact Kathi at bodytech@mac.com for the waiting list 


April 24 to 26, Johannesburg, South Africa contact Marcelle Duigan at marcelle@propilates.co.za

May 6th to 9th, Mauritius Island, contact Ingrid Rey at ingrid@authenticpilates.mu

 25 to 29 June  Palermo, Italy, contact Lesley Bell at palermopilatesconvention@gmail.com

17 to 19 July  Atlanta, GA, contact Samantha Ingram at singram622@gmail.com

 22 August Louisville, KY, contact Erica Walters at pilatesfitstudioky@gmail.com

12 to 13 September Mahwah, New Jersey, contact Erica Almodovar at authenticpilatescenter@gmail.com

October 2 to 4, Jacksonville, FL, contact Bronie Brunet at workshops@tehilas.com

October 21 to 25, Busan, Republic of Korea, contact KyungHye Sinclair at khsinclair@studio-define.com

December 11 to 13, Living Anatomy, Nashville, TN

December 19 and 20, Boca Raton, FL, contact Kerstin Korzekwa at kerstin@pilatesspaceflorida.com



The Pilates Atelier offers regular workshops to obtain NPCT credits (formerly PMA)

Please check our website regularly for upcoming workshop and course schedules or e-mail Sonje directly at sonjekm@gmail.com for further information