STUTTGART, Germany, July 12 to 14, 2019


Pilates NewYork
D. Kulenovic-Bischoff & Arezina GbR
Ostendstr. 72
70188 Stuttgart

Friday July 12th: Workshop “Pilates for Common Spinal Conditions”  4 hours

Saturday July 13th:  Workshops “Osteoporosis” 2 hours,    “Focus on Neck and Shoulders” 2 hours

Sunday July 14th: Mat Class, followed by 2 hour intensive analysis of Mat exercises with modifications.

 Private sessions available from 10 to 14 July. Please reserve

For registration and more info’, contact

Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff  at



Boston, MA, September 21 to 23, 2019

Challenge Yourself on the Wunder Stuhl    2 hours  2PMA CEC’s

The Value of the Arm Chair                           2 Hours  2PMA CEC’s

Pre- and Postnatal Pilates                              2 hours   2PMA CEC’s

Privates and duets available

Registration and info:  Mary Kelly

True Pilates Boston
385C Elliot Street
Newton, MA 02464



The Pilates Method, Birmingham, MI,  4 to 6 October, 2019


Friday 10/04: Privates 2 to 6pm. Mat class 6 to 7pm

Saturday 10/05: Spine Corrector workshop 2 hours, Mat class, Wunda Chair workshop 2 hours

Sunday 10/06 :Arm/Baby Chair workshop 2 hours

Contact Cheryl Maher at for info’ and registration



PMA Monterey, CA, October 25th, 2019


Hermosa Beach, CA, 22 to 23 November

Friday 22 November

4:00–5:30 Spondylolisthesis workshop

Saturday 23 November

11-1              Neck and Shoulders Workshop

2:30-4:30- Pre and Postnatal Pilates Workshop

Contact Alisa Wyatt at for registration and more info’

Anatomy course, Sanctuary for Yoga, Nashville, TN, 13 to 15 December 2019

Anatomy of the Spine and Pelvis                        2pm to 4pm     Friday 12/13 

Anatomy of the Hip, Knee and Foot                  8am to 10am   Saturday  12/14

Anatomy of the Neck and Shoulder Girdle      2pm to 4pm     Saturday 12/14

Anatomy of the Elbow, Wrist  and Hand          8am to 10am   Sunday 12/15

Registration and info’: Daphne Larkin


Coming in 2020

Tel Aviv, Israel: 2 to 7 February at Orly Oren Pilates


2.2 3.2 4.2 5.2 Haifa 6.2 7.2
Private       Private




MAT or Private


    MAT CLASS Private


Mat with Magic Circle
The Value of the Baby/Arm Chair   2 hours Scoliosis 6 hours Pre-and postnatal Pilates    3 hours


Refine and Refresh your Mat

2 hours


Cleaning up your reformer  

3 hours

Bring on the Barrels  3 hours




  Focus on Neck and shoulders

2 hours

discussing the ideal technique and how to modify for an “extension” class as indicated for herniated disc, osteoporosis and Scoliosis.

2 hours

  Challenge Your Student on the Wunder Stuhl   2 hours







contact Orly Oren at for registration and info’


21 to 23 February,  Fort Worth, TX,   contact Laura Strawser at


March 13 to 15,  OLD SCHOOL PILATES AT THE RANCH with Kathi Ross Nash, Bradenton, FL

April 24 to 26, Johannesburg, South Africa contact Shari de Nobrega at

May 6th to 9th, Mauritius Island, contact Ingrid Rey at

Palermo, Italy, 25 to 29 June  contact Lesley Bell at

Atlanta, GA, 17 to 19 July  contact Samantha Ingram at

Mahwah, New Jersey,  12 to 13 September contact Erica Almodovar at

October 2 to 4, Jacksonville, FL, contact Bronie Brunet at

October 21 to 25, Busan, Republic of Korea, contact KyungHye Sinclair at


The Pilates Atelier offers regular workshops to obtain PMA credits

Please check our website regularly for upcoming workshop and course schedules or e-mail Sonje directly at for further information